UNC Receives Notice of Cuts for Adult Literacy

United Neighborhood Centers recent merger with SCOLA Volunteers for Literacy was meant to provide stability to an organization that had been experiencing financial challenges over the course of the past few years as the State Department of Education began to incrementally cut its funding.

     While the agency was prepared for some additional funding cuts after the merger, UNC was notified that it would be receiving no state funding for the traditional adult literacy, civics education and English as a Second Language programs offered by its SCOLA office. As these grants are renewable over the course of three years, it is highly likely that UNC will be locked out of state funding for that time period.

     The agency is working hard to have funding restored and UNC is committed to the continuance of these programs, albeit on a current reduced level. UNC did receive funding to begin a family literacy program, which will keep the mission of SCOLA alive and provide literary services for families most in need in Northeast PA.

     As an advocate and supporter of social services, your voice in Harrisburg is as important as ever. UNC asks that you contact your State Representative (click here for a complete list of Legislative Addresses) and call the Department of Education, Bureau of Adult Basic and Literacy Education to register your displeasure with the State‚Äôs decision.

If you would like to assist by becoming a tutor please call our SCOLA offices at 346-6203. If you would like to make a donation to insure the continuation of these programs you can donate directly from our website (DONATE NOW) or you can send it to United Neighborhood Centers, 425 Alder Street, Scranton, PA 18505. Please mark your donation for our literacy program. We are committed to continue this valuable program in our community and will be working in the months and years ahead to restore it to its former place as one of the premier literacy programs in the State of Pennsylvania.