Older Adults Senior Picnic Brings UNC’s Four Centers Together

On Friday, August 12, over 200 older adults from United Neighborhood Centers’ four senior centers– Mid Valley, Carbondale, South Side and West Side– came together to celebrate the end of the summer with a picnic at McDade Park.

The older adults had the opportunity to interact and socialize throughout the day with members from other centers besides their own. In the morning, a traditional favorite– bingo– was played, followed by a lunch consisting of hot dogs, chicken and other picnic food. Afterwards, live music and dancing continued over the next few hours and group dances, such as the Electric Slide, broke out at times.

Cathy Hardaway, Director of Older Adults, planned this third annual summer celebration and remarked on her reasoning behind the event, “It’s a chance for all of us to get together. Some of these folks don’t get a chance to get to a picnic if they don’t have family.”

Check out our pictures from the event!