Community Health initiatives underway at UNC

commhealthOver the course of 2013, as part of our 90th Anniversary Celebration, UNC highlighted the relationship between poverty and health in our community. Many of the families and individuals we serve have chronic health issues which can be traced to their lack of financial resources. The absence of health insurance has been identified as just one cause of this dilemma. A lack of resources to pay co-pays or buy prescriptions, a lack of transportation to medical appointments and a lack of sick time at work are a few of the issues that contribute to a delay in access to health care.

In 2014, UNC will be working to mitigate these issues for many of the families and individuals we serve. UNC recently welcomed the staff of the Community Health Department– Meredith McCracken, Director; Roseanne Haslinsky, Public Health Nurse; and Sarah Diccicco, Licensed Social Worker. Additionally, an Advisory Council of community leaders will be formed. Through this initiative we will be able to increase the number of people living safe and healthy lives, put people on pathways for educational and employment success, reduce the cost of health care in our community, and reduce the number of people living in poverty. Stay tuned for more information of this exciting time as we continue to expand our services through this new department!