Civic Engagement

There are 3.7 million people in Pennsylvania who are eligible to vote, but not registered. They are the “sleeping giant” of Pennsylvania politics. These voters tend to be young, lower income, and ethnically diverse, many of whom are people that UNC serves every day.

Therefore UNC has launched a campaign to encourage these families and individuals to make their voices heard through political channels. The more our clients vote, the more elected officials will respond to their needs. At each of our Centers, we have voter registration forms for clients who are not registered. We are also working with partners to promote education about local candidates and issues.

Our goal is to help people overcome barriers and inspire their participation in our political process without advocating on behalf of any certain candidate, party, or position. Whatever your political beliefs, as citizens we all have not only a right, but a responsibility to participate in choosing our leaders and speak up about issues that are important to us.

This year you can choose to visit the polls to vote or request a mail-in ballot. If you are a registered voter already, you can request a mail-in ballot here. You must apply for a mail-in ballot before Oct. 27, 2020. Completed mail-in ballots can be mailed in or dropped off at your local election office. For Lackawanna County residents, the Lackawanna County Election Office is located at 123 Wyoming Avenue, Floor 2, Scranton, PA 18503. Ballots must be received by 8:00 pm on Nov. 3, 2020.