Christopher Phillips

What is your educational background?
Bishop Hannan High School – 1994
Associates Degree Business – Lackawanna College – 1987
Bachelor’s Degree Business – Penn State University 2000
Attended – Widener University School of Law 2000-2004 (PT – No degree)

Describe your commitment to ethics and open records on the school board.
If elected I pledge to enact and follow a strict anti-nepotism policy, an ethics code and as I was before be civil and professional in my capacity as a director. As a director from 2007-2011 I advocated openly for televised school board meetings, which by the way no longer occurs. I was always open to the press and spoke to them freely. I advocated for all meeting minutes to be placed on the SSD website.

What is your experience managing budgets or programs?

Programs should be managed by the administration that the board hires. When deciding which programs I would support I relied on my own research and recommendations from administrators. As far as budgets, I was a member of the budget and finance committee as a board member. From 2007 to 2011, we always ended every year with a surplus. That is no longer the case as you can see below. The last year the SSD ended with a surplus was my last year on the board in 2011. As a director, I was not afraid of tough decisions to do what was best for students, staff and taxpayers.