Joseph A Matyjevich

What is your educational background?
City of birth: Scranton
Current city of residence: Scranton
High school: West Scranton High School 1983 Honors Graduate
Higher education (degree/certificate, program of study, school/institution): University of Scranton 1998 B.S. Computer Science

Describe your commitment to ethics and open records on the school board.
I am committed to open and honest government, Transparency and an anti-nepotism policy enforced by the board is a priority. The SSD is the people’s district. The SSD board sets the policy. I will and am capable of making the right and hard decisions to move the SSD forward. I will be a director that will be accountable for the decisions I make. I will hire on qualifications not name. Bidding of all contracts will be a priority.

What is your experience managing budgets or programs?
Through my work experience and my current position of employment, I have the responsibility of managing processes and projects with budgets and timelines. These skills are key to completing the initiatives on time and within budget.

Describe your community leadership.
Civic experience:
Tripp Park Civic Association, Coordinator-Vice President
Sons of American Legion
Saint Patrick’s Parish Community
Treasurer, West Scranton Black Sheep (Helping Kids in Need)
Ancient Order of Hibernians
West Side Youth Basketball Coach

Previous involvement in:
PTA Membership
Tripp Park Miss E League Coach
West Side Falcons Junior Football Board Member

What is the biggest issue facing Scranton schools and how would you address it?
Finances are big issue facing the SSD. I will look towards other areas of funding and look at alternative ways to expand the tax base without burdening the home owners of our city. Competitive bidding and cooperation with other government entities will save money (multi group purchasing agreements). Joint initiatives, including working with the State Department of Education, to ensure we get all funding possible will be a priority. I will cut unnecessary hiring and wasteful spending. I will not kick the can down the road as was done in the past.

I am capable of making the ‘Hard” and “Right” decisions. I will ensure the board is open and transparent. I will do my best to keep all programs currently operating in the education system in order to provide the best education possible to our students. I will be loyal to the taxpayers and fair to the employees of the district. I will look to save every dollar I can so that the funds can go back to improving the services we provide to the students we serve. I will set the policy needed to provide for “A Better School for A Better Tomorrow”.