Robert Casey

What is your educational background?
I have a Bachelor’s degree in political science, history, and business management from East Stroudsburg University. I also graduated from Scranton High School, where I was a member of the varsity track and field team.

Describe your commitment to ethics and open records on the school board.
I am running for Scranton School Board on a platform of transparency and accountability. During my tenure as a School Director, I have been a vocal advocate for ethical decision making that incorporates the best interests of our students, teachers, and the Scranton taxpayers. I strongly believe that fostering the best possible public school system requires discussions and decisions that take place in the open within our community. My voting record demonstrates these beliefs: I do not vote along party lines, but with my conscience.

What is your experience managing budgets or programs?
Since my election to the Scranton School Board in 2013, I have overseen the development and implementation of six budgets through the school board and the NEIU. In addition, I have served on our district’s Purchasing Committee and Policy Committee. In those roles, I have endeavored to reign in our budget deficit and implement lean, efficient spending practices that serve the best interests of our students and taxpayers.

Describe your community leadership?
A graduate of Scranton High School and East Stroudsburg University, I have long been invested in Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Scranton communities. I was first elected to the Scranton School Board in 2013 and have since served on its Transportation Committee, Athletics Committee, Policy Committee, and Purchasing Committee. In my capacity as a school director, I also serve as a representative to the Northeast Intermediate Unit (NEIU), which now operates at a surplus. Additionally, I am a member of the St. John Neumann Parish in South Side and volunteer at our annual festival. I also serve on the Lackawanna Country St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee.

What is the biggest issue facing Scranton schools and how would you address it?
I believe the greatest issue facing the Scranton School District is our massive budget deficit. It is an issue that prevents our children from obtaining the best possible education while placing an undue burden upon our taxpayers. To reign in our budget, we must strive to develop a plan that balances lean, efficient spending and the best educational opportunities for our city’s students. We must reach out to our state and federal officials and advocate for a fair funding formula that better serves our schools and their budgetary needs. As a school director, I believe that it is my duty to advocate for this funding both within and beyond our borders.